Let’s face it. Most podcasts are not profitable. While there are certainly exceptions, for most it’s a labor of love. The Podcast Doctor understands that. That’s why he doesn’t charge exorbitant “consulting” fees. If you have a simple question about podcasting, just ask. Simple answers are always free! If you need concrete services, the following is a price list that we hope you will find incredibly reasonable.

$15 – Add an intro or outro. You provide the music or voiceover.

$20 – Remove up to 3 words, phrases or sounds. You provide the time code.

$35 – The doctor listens to up to 15 minutes of content and removes spoken mistakes and significant noises within reason.

$50 – The doctor will help you get your show “on the air.” This includes assistance getting set up with a podcast “hosting” service and adding your podcast to iTunes.
(Podcast hosting costs are not included)

Have a larger job? Just let the Doctor know what you’re looking for and he’ll work with you to come up with a price that fits your budget.